Yellowtail Collars (Hamachi Kama)

Yellowtail Collar

What are fish collars? The collar is a cut from the shoulder area of the fish where the fin is attached. Collar meat is tender, moist and full of delicious flavor. I would say it is the best part of the fish!  Salmon and yellowtail collars are very popular and can be found easily in Japanese supermarkets. They are also served as appetizers in some Japanese restaurants. I personally like yellowtail collars best.  If you want to make it yourself, it is the simplest thing to cook — it doesn’t need anything but salt.


1-2 piece
2 Tbsps
Yellowtail Collars


  1. Use your fingers to sprinkle collars with salt, turn the collars over and sprinkle some on the other side to make sure each piece is evenly coated (picture 1).
  2. Add 2 tablespoons of cooking oil into a frying pan and heat for a minute or so.
  3. Add collars (skin side up) and pan fry with medium heat until golden brown (picture 2).
  4. Use the tongs to turn the collars over and fry the other side until skin is golden brown (picture 3).
  5. Serve immediately.